If you've seen Dan Hipp draw "Star Wars" and "Hellboy" characters before, you know that he's got a pop-friendly style that blends lonely blemishes designated by short lines in the tradition of Frank Miller with stiff anatomical shapes that look like they could have been sawed off of Mike Mignola figures. His color choices really set his artwork apart from the pack, though, and he's built up a sizable database of experiments and commissions with mainstream superheroes.

The "Amazing Joy Buzzards" and "Gyakushu!" contributor can do Superman chasing a bullet, Green Lantern imagining a shark into existence and Captain America weathering the glitz of some fireworks as well as anyone in comics, and he's rendered each of those scenes over on his personal Mr. Hipp blog.

His takes on The Incredible Hulk and Doctor Fate are particularly vibrant, and you may feel the latter jumping out of your browser as you check him out along with some other examples after the jump.