There are a lot of great things about Teen Titans Go --- its commitment to burrito-based storytelling, for instance --- but one of the best is most definitely the presence of Dan Hipp. He's been the show's art director since its return to Cartoon Network in 2013, and while his signature style most often crops up in backgrounds or as part of quick gags, occasionally he gets to take the spotlight.

That's exactly what happened in last month's 'Campfire Stories', an episode following the time-honored tradition of each character telling a different scary story that was presented in a different art style. For Raven's story, Hipp redesigned the characters to look like sword-and-sorcery fantasy heroes, and as you might expect, they're awesome. Now, he's posted some of the designs on his Tumblr, and if you haven't seen them already, they're great.








If you haven't seen the episode, it's one of several that are divided into vignettes for each character, much like the recent 'Video Game References', in which there were a lot of... well, you can probably figure that one out for yourself. This time around, it was a series of scary stories, and after a spoooooky tale of public humiliation from Robin, Raven's was the very familiar tale of a demon who puts on a dark, hooded cloak and then hangs around with a bunch of heroic teens until she's eventually so annoyed that she eats them. It's fun to have fun, you know?

For more always awesome art, check out Dan Hipp's Tumblr.


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