Cartoonist Dan Hipp is but the latest in a long line of victims whose work has been adapted into the so-called "motion comics" format, but like all things Hipp, the end result is truly something to behold. Breaking from the limited traditions of this relatively new, er, medium, the GYAKUSHU! motion comic is 41 minutes in length, completely free, and actually kind of awesome, based on the ruthless revenge epic about a bandaged man seeking retribution at the point of a sword.

Check the video, which contains NSFW strong language and violence, after the jump.Written and drawn by Hipp, GYAKUSHU! is a ruthless revenge epic told in the artist's inimitably hyper-kinetic style. Two volumes were published by TOKYOPOP before a company restructure trapped the final installment in a publishing limbo that has now been resolved. Fans can order GYAKUSHU! volume 3 from TOKYOPOP, who will print and ship the 200-page book on-demand for $15.99.

Coinciding with GYAKUSHU! vol. 3's long awaited availability is a new motion comic based on volume 1. Hipp wrote on his blog that he didn't participate in the creation of the motion comic, but that it is not without value.

I had nothing to do with putting this together, and actually saw it a few years ago, but if you've read the book it's kind of hilarious, awesome and weird depending on how serious you take it. There's a really interesting story to all the behind the scenes stuff that has happened (or almost happened) with the book that maybe I'll get around to telling someday.

Also included in his GYAKUSHU! update was this Dan Hipp pin-up of DC Comics' Jonah Hex, which is awesome.

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