Whenever Archie brings up the Shield, the classic superhero originally created by Harry Shorten and Irv Novick back in 1940, they're almost always pretty quick to mention that the original version was "the first patriotic superhero." Now, it looks like the reboot is going to take that epithet to a pretty literal extreme.

When Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig, Drew Johnson, Rachel Deering and Kelly Fitzpatrick relaunch the Shield as part of the Dark Circle imprint later this month, the spotlight will be on a new version of the character, Victoria Adams. The new incarnation certainly feels modern, but unlike her predecessors, she's going to have a long, long history of defending the United States of America --- a history that goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Check out a preview below!


Variant cover by Wildredo Torres


Variant cover by Andrew Robinson


Variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque


Variant cover by Robert Hack







I've been pretty eagerly anticipating the new series ever since it was announced as one of a strong crop of books featuring heroines with fantastic redesigns --- in this case, the updated look for the Shield comes courtesy of Wilfredo Torres. Here's the official solicitation from Dark Circle:


“Daughter of the Revolution, Part 1”
Since the dawn of the republic, whenever her country faces its blackest days, she returns: a spirit of the revolution sent to fight for what is right. But when she reappears for the first time in a generation with no memories—not even of her own identity—and encounters an evil force expecting her arrival, all the Shield can do is… run!
Script: Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig
Art: Drew Johnson, Rachel Deering, Kelly Fitzpatrick
Cover: David Williams
Variant Covers: Wilfredo Torres, Andrew Robinson, Rafael Albuquerque, Robert Hack
On Sale: 10/21
$3.99 U.S.
32 page, full-color comic