Public-safety media is taking a step away from filmstrips and pamphlets toward something much cooler: comic books. In Oregon, anyway.

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management has partnered with Milwaukee, Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics to release Without Warning, a free, 12-page comic all about earthquake safety. It's not just a bunch of safety tips with pictures, either. Writers Jeremy Barlow and Althea Rizzo and artist David Hahn have developed a real story about a girl trying to get back to her family in the aftermath of a disaster.

Rizzo, who is also the geologic hazards program coordinator for the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, said, “Most public education publications are not interesting to kids. This comic book allows us to reach a new audience not often targeted in preparedness materials.”

If you live in Oregon, you can pick up print copies of the comic through the Office of Emergency Management. If you don't, you can get a digital version of the comic here. If this comic is effective,  hopefully Dark Horse will finally see fit to advise readers on how to prepare against the coming frog plague and the rise of the demon priests of Sadu-Hem.

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