Even though Diamond won't be shipping many comics to stores this week, Dark Horse is filling its release void with an early upload of its monthly "MySpace Dark Horse Presents."

While the digital anthology's issue traditionally arrives near the first of each month, MDHP #30's collection of stories is launching ahead of the coming year on December 30.

We ran our exclusive preview of Scott Allie and Kevin McGovern's "Exurbia: No Return" a few weeks back, but starting tomorrow, the tale can be read in its full-sized glory alongside its fellow MDHP stories including Jill Thompson's "Suzy Snowflake," the new serial "Brody's Ghost" by Mark Crilley and more.

MDHP has always resonated with me because of the quality of its content. Not every free digital release includes original material from top creators. In fact, I usually kick myself for skipping the issues when I have to catch up on some of its content in DH trade paperbacks (the early "Umbrella Academy" segments from MDHP are a perfect example).

I definitely encourage everybody to embrace this "skip week" as an opportunity to check out the work of indie creators, but MDHP could still enrich your lunchbreak (or several lunchbreaks) this week.

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