It's always a bummer when a favorite title gets canned due to low sales, but when titles rebound it more than makes up for the emotional rollercoaster. Take Capcom's Darkstalkers franchise. Thanks to the success of the recent "Darkstalkers Tribute" art book through UDON Entertainment, the publisher has decided to release a three-issue miniseries.

"Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors" #1 debuts in January with Alvin Lee on interlocking covers and Emily Warren contributing variants. Writing the series is Ken Siu-Chong with Joe Vriens and Eric Vedder handling interior illustrations.

UDON's past Darkstalkers series include a digest-sized manga and other projects, making this new comic more akin to their Streetfighteer format. This series will continue UDON's last offering, and according to UDON's Matt Moylan, the three issue mini status could very well expand if sales are strong enough.

I wish the series well, if only to ease the trauma of having watched the American animated series as a child.

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