Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne are back in action in this new Darwyn Cooke 'Batman Beyond' short in honor of Batman's 75th Anniversary.

Will Friedle and Kevin Conroy reprise their roles of Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne in the action-packed short feature above, which premiered at Wondercon 2014. Things are awry at the Batcave and McGinnis swoops in to check out the trouble, only to find Wayne on the floor with the cave in disarray. McGinnis notices that his mentor his hurt and asks him who the culprit is, to which Wayne simply replies with, "It was me."

That's when the power to the cave goes out and the auxiliary power flicks on to reveal a younger version of Bruce Wayne's Batman. This doppelganger engages McGinnis in combat and proceeds to kick his butt in a way that only Batman at his peak could accomplish.

Watch the nearly one-and-a-half minute long video to see how the rest of the short pans out and try to name all of the characters you see at the end of it.

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