DC didn't have any official art to show when it announced its upcoming digital comic adapting DC Collectibles' series of anime style Ame-Comi statues (and Halloween costumes) by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and artists including Amanda Conner and Tony Adkins, Sanford Greene, Ted Naifeh, Mike Bowden, and Santi Casas, but thanks to a new blog post from Naifeh, fans now have a better picture of what's coming their way in May. Working from UDON Entertainment's original statue designs, Naifeh seems on-model while putting his own spin on Duela Dent in his upcoming Ame-Comi Girls story arc.

Naifeh also elaborated on the series' concept on his blog:
As if I didn't have enough going on, DC has just announced the Ame-Comi digital series, a unique alternative DC universe. If you haven't already heard about it, this is the concept. Whart if the DC universe had no superheros of super-villains, but only heroines and villainesses. Right? I love it too! And I was honored to be asked to participate, drawing one of the 30 page chapters of the series.
Check out some of Naifeh's sketches of Batgirl and Duela Dent below.

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