DC Collectibles will double the size of its 6" Batman: The Animated Series action figure this November as 1997 The New Batman Adventures versions of Two-Face and Mr. Freeze join quarter three releases TNBA Batman and B:TAS Catwoman. Fully painted figure prototypes aren't ready to view just yet, but DCC is teasing the figures with unpainted sculpt images that show off each toy's articulation and more. Take a look below.

 The New Batman Adventures: Mr. Freeze Action Figure


The New Batman Adventures: Two-Face Action Figure


As seen in DCC's promo images, Two-Face will feature 17 points of articulation while Mr. Freeze will sport 26. Two-Face's accessories include a gas mask, a tommy gun, a key and a pocket watch as seen in the episode “Sins of the Father.” Mr. Freeze will come backed with his freeze gun and robot spider legs (that his head rides around on) from the “Cold Comfort” episode. As with Catwoman, both figures will be scaled in relation to Batman's height.

DC hasn't announced proper pricing info on these two figures, but they'll likely retail for $21.99 just like Batman and Catwoman.



[Via DC]