DC Collectibles has expanded its line of exclusive, high-end art prints with around a dozen new posters. Like the first batch, the new posters cover a range of characters and concepts from the DCU and are available in both 12x18" ($19.95) and 24x36" ($34.95) varieties at the official DCC shop. Metropolis and Star City join the travel poster category, while Green Lantern gets the infographic treatment and super pets like Ace the Bathound, Krypto and Streaky get to kick it in a fun character spotlight. Some of the print designs are more sophisticated than others (I feel like the Batman, Superman and Red Lantern posters are among the weaker offerings), but with 32 total posters to choose from now, DC fans have a pretty decent selection to browse. You can take a look at all the latest high-end prints from DC Collectibles after the jump.

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