DC Collectibles kicked off San Diego Comic-Con 2015 with a preview event highlighting many of the bigger figures and series we'll be seeing over the course of the next 12 months. From continued support for the Icons and TV series lines to new Designer Series figures and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice pieces, there's a little bit of something for everyone in DC Collectibles' plans.

As cool as it was to see many of the new items on hand, the stars of the show were the characters getting the Darwyn Cooke touch as part of his Designer wave. Cooke's long been a favorite of mine, and his New Frontier figures from way back when are still some of the most stylish in my collection. Now that he's adding new takes on Batman, Supergirl, Adam Strange and Harley Quinn, I couldn't be happier. Combined with the expansion of the Batman: The Animated Series line to more obscure characters, 2015 and 2016 are shaping up to be a good time for clean, simple designs.

Strangely, the figures based on Bruce Timm's upcoming Justice League: Gods and Monsters were nowhere to be seen. It's bit curious that they were missing from the show, as even though they were revealed a while ago, we still haven't seen them outside of promo images. It's also worth noting there was a distinct lack of Wonder Woman at the event, though there were plenty of other female characters like Black Canary, Zatanna and Supergirl on deck.

In addition to all the above goodness, there was a section of the preview event giving us the first glimpse at many of 2016's summer (and beyond) offerings. We weren't allowed to photograph them, nor are we allowed to tell you specifics on what we saw. However, we can hint that there will be another wave in the Greg Capullo Designer Series, as well as more Batman: The Animated Series figures. Given the success of those lines, it's not terribly surprising, but what was on hand was definitely exciting, especially in the Capullo set.

One Batman: Arkham Knight-themed special set from this mystery, for our eyes only table will likely make a particular group of fans very happy. There's also an incredible new DC Bombshell's statue coming that sets a new bar for what the line can do and be. Specific Icon and Cover Girl statues were on hand as well, along with a new Wonder Woman: The Art of War piece from a fan-favorite creator that hasn't really worked with her on such an exclusive basis before.

DC Collectibles' SDCC 15 slate was fairly promising, and continues the company's commitment to diversifying the lines and paying tribute to some very iconic characters, artists and moments in DC history. For all her importance in 2016 (and today, too), Wonder Woman is still a bit under-represented overall in the slate of upcoming releases, but there's still close to a year until Dawn of Justice arrives to shed more light on the Amazon Princess.

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