DC Comics continues its slow march towards digital dominance with the news that more than 100 of its collected editions are now available for Barnes & Noble's Nook device, including all manner of collections from its New 52 relaunch.The publisher announced yesterday that titles made available to Nook users would include not just classics like Watchmen, All Star Superman, Fables and Sandman, but also New 52 collections like Batman, Justice League, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. DC Co-President Jim Lee was quoted as saying that the company's goal "is to reach the broadest possible audience and this new partnership with Barnes & Noble brings Batman, Superman and many other iconic DC Comics and Vertigo characters to the millions of NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color readers," adding that "the new Zoom View feature makes our comics even easier to read, and emphasizes the graphic and artistic storytelling that is paramount to our art form."

DC isn't the first publisher to release collected editions for the B&N digital reader; Marvel released its own line of collections on the device last November, Archie started the ball rolling in May 2011 with its own Nook deal and IDW and others followed not long after.

The new deal follows Barnes & Noble's pulling of DC content from its shelves in response to DC's similar deal with Amazon over Kindle distribution of digital content last October. At the time, Barnes & Noble explained its reasoning for doing so by saying that company policy was "that unless we receive all formats of a title to make available to our customers, we will not sell those physical titles in our stores." Looks like they've managed to make that happen, finally.

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