There's a lot of deals to cash in on as the holiday shopping season official begins today, and DC Comics is celebrating digital style. As revealed by DC's The Source blog, until midnight EST DC's Digital Store is having a "Blackest Friday" sale offering Blackest Night titles and tie-ins for just $0.99.The titles are discounted from $1.99 and $2.99, making it a pretty darn cost-effective opportunity for DC fans. The issues are on sale on both the DC Comics and comiXology online stores and applications, which across multiple platforms including PCs, MACs, the iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

There's 79 titles on sale for $0.99 in full, meaning for just under $80, readers can essentially own the entirety of the Geoff Johns-orchestrated mega event, which feeds directly into DC's current Brightest Day ongoing series.

The best part? No insane crowds, just undead, heart-eating heroes and villains.

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