DC Comics laid out the news fans have been waiting to hear during its Flashpoint panel at Comic-Con International: The summer event will officially bridge into this fall's relaunched line of DC Universe titles with a double-page spread. On the panel were DC Universe executive editor Eddie Berganza, J.T. Krul (Deadman and the Flying Graysons), Dan Jurgens (Booster Gold), Sterling Gates and Oliver Nome (Kid Flash Lost), Joel Gomez (Reverse-Flash) and Senior VP Sales Bob Wayne discussing the transitional story between the old and new DC Universes. Written by Geoff Johns with art by Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Alex Sinclair, Flashpoint tells the story of a DC Universe gone wrong due to the time-travelling intervention of Flash villain Professor Zoom.

Hit the jump for hints on the transition to the New 52, the future of the Flash Family, Sterling Gates's haunted apartment, the writing process and Geoff Johns's involvement in the tie-ins, and why so many editors are writing Flashpoint tie-ins.On Fans: Wayne began the panel asking fans to be courteous and concise with their questions, encouraging them to "sit down and speak softly" if their questions don't meet this criteria. Later in the panel, a fan in a Red Lantern Guy Gardner costume was asked to go to the back of the line (which is only one person long) to aggravate him Red Lantern style.

On the Speed Force: Gates said he's adding a "brand new thing" to the Speed Force that he's very proud of.

On Wally West in the New 52: Gates says Wally shows up in Kid Flash Lost #3 in an unexpected way.

On the Twists in Batman: Knight of Vengeance: A fan asks whether the twists regarding Thomas and Martha Wayne came from the mind of Johns or Azzarello; Berganza explains that it was actually collaborative, with the two riffing off each other and constantly trying to raise the game.

On Why Editors are Writing So Many Flashpoint Tie-Ins: Berganza says the editors got the assignments due to the fact that they're so close to the material, and many creators were busy with the New 52 books they were planning.

On Whether We'll See Flashpoint Versions of Characters Again: Since Flashpoint's Aquaman wants to sink the world this doesn't fit with a heroic version of the character, but if the demand exists, fans might see further adventures of Flashpoint characters.

On the Transition to the New 52: Flashpoint #5 will feature a big double-page spread showing the transition from the Flashpoint universe to the new DC Universe.

On How Reverse-Flash Changed Time: Fans will find out how many butterflies he stomped on in Flashpoint #5. Wayne quips "On Sunday, we have a panel called 'Rosebud's a Sled.'"

On Sterling Gates's Apartment: Nobody has stayed in it for more than a week since a woman died there, and he found the words "LEAVE NOW" carved into a wall.

On Convincing Your Roommate To Buy Flashpoint: A female fan in a Dove costume says she only reads what her roommate buys because he leaves her comics in the bathroom. She asks how to convince him to read Flashpoint. Gates recommends just giving him Flashpoint #1.

On Geoff Johns's Involvement in Tie-Ins: He gave the setup and then encouraged the creators to run with it. Gates said that Johns changed Kid Flash Lost a bit by encouraging him to use Hot Pursuit rather than time-travelling future Flash John Fox.

On Introducing Strong Minority Characters: A fan asked if DC is going to create stronger, more "mainstream" minority characters soon. The panel pointed out that Blue Beetle was on Smallville.

On Jay Garrick in Flashpoint: He'll be in Kid Flash Lost #3, along with other members of the Flash Family, which Gates describes the book as a love letter to their legacy.

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