A few weeks ago, I wrote about how great it was that the "DC Nation" shorts on Cartoon Network put a spotlight onto some of DC's lesser-known properties (like Amethyst), but occasionally, they swerve into entirely new takes on the stuff that's already popular. Case in point, DC Nation Farm League, in which the JLA is reimagined as a bunch of animals hanging out on a farm. The first episode introduced us to Supermanatee, Wonder Wombat, and Shazham (a pig with a magic word, obviously), but now, things are getting a little darker.

This week, the Farm League returns with a focus on Batmongoose, voiced by The Brave and the Bold's Diedrich Bader, as well as villains including Cat Cat, which might be the best idea ever. Check out a clip below!

Even though Farm League raises its fair share of questions (what kind of farm has a manatee?), the end result is pretty fun. If nothing else, hearing Batman's voice talking about "tiny claws, scrabbling, always scrabbling!" has made my day roughly one thousand times better.

The Batmongoose-focused episode airs this Saturday, February 23, during the DC Nation block (10 a.m. to 11 a.m. EST).

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