DC has announced its official pricing strategy for the August 31 rollout of its relaunched comics. The bottom line (that DC is holding)? Single issue digital comics are going to cost the same as print for their first month of availability. After that, the digital titles will drop to $1.99. In the case of Justice League (and future oversized issues), they'll start at a $3.99 price point and drop to $2.99 after the first four weeks of release.

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League #1 will also be released in $4.99 print/digital combo pack, although readers will be able to pick up either the print or the digital version of separately for the equal price of $3.99.From The Source:

Those who want a physical copy of JUSTICE LEAGUE to read and collect, as well as the ability to download it onto their favorite device for easy transport, get ready. Each print edition of the comic book and an individual code for digital download will be wrapped in a poly bag and available for $4.99. Separately, the standard version will retail for $3.99 and the digital version will retail for $3.99.

"As we continue to expand our readership and make our titles more accessible to readers everywhere, we're excited to provide our comic shop retail partners and their consumers with multiple formats of JUSTICE LEAGUE in one convenient place," said John Rood, EVP Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

UPDATE: Don't call it a reboot! In a new letter to retailers, VP of Sales Bob Wayne made the LL Cool J-ian distinction that the upcoming shift in status quo "is the launch of the New DCU. It is not a 'reboot.' I think you will soon discover why that is." He also added that six titles including Wonder Woman will be available to retailers for 15% discounts, and the rest of the new titles will be made returnable:

We are backing up our commitment to you and this launch, by putting our copies where are mouths are. We will be offering 100% Returnability on all of the remaining 41 titles. Returnability across the rest of the 52 allows the breadth of these titles to get their fair chance with your consumers.

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