While Black Adam's probably not the most popular guy in the fictional nation of Khandaq of late, he's got more than enough fans in gamedom to warrant a set of images from the upcoming MMORPG "DC Universe Online."

Sony's posted concept art, renders, buddy icons and a wallpaper featuring the Marvel Family's fallen son at its official DCUO Web site, as well as on Facebook. Each image depicts the repeat tyrant's brooding nature and indicates that his character in the game is more or less up-to-speed with current "Brightest Day" DCU continuity:

"His rage against the world has a tragic cause. Warped by loss, Black Adam is determined to resurrect his murdered love, Isis. With her rebirth, will a new Black Adam emerge?"

It's unknown whether the newly resurrected Osiris or the mysterious entity interested in the (currently stoney) Marvels will make appearances in the game, but given that DCUO still doesn't have an official release date, tweaks could always be made down the line (and in updates and DLC) to bring characters even more in line with current comic book events.

See more Black Adam artwork from DC Universe Online after the jump.