Last month Sony announced that its DC Comics MMO DC Universe Online would go free-to-play at some point in October. As announced yesterday in a live video chat, it looks like the wait will actually be over for fans on November 1 on both PC and the PlayStation 3. Sony may be a forgivable day late, but those who haven't tried the game yet definitely won't be a dollar short (haw!). Free play will give newcomers two customizable character slots plus the entire current game's content, although future expansion packs and additional character slots and inventory space will cost extra. Provided you want to pay a monthly fee, however, Sony is happy to take your money in exchange for "Premium" and "Legendary" tiers of membership.Users who have already spent at least $5 the game (basically all current players) will get a "premium" membership, which is a step up from "freemium" and allows for more than two characters, more inventory storage and enhanced social options like trading and sending messages in the game. "Legendary" status will be granted to those who choose to pay $14.99 per month and grant even more access to characters and inventory, all DLC and social options cranked to 11, so-to-speak. Lifetime members are automatically legendary.

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