Remember those creepy, Umbrella Corporation style ads from around the early 2000's from The American Plastics Council that preached "Plastics Make it Possible!"? Well, in DC Universe Online, it's Lex Luthor's Exobyte nanites (the lil' robots that give players their powers) that "make it possible" and DCUO will soon taking the tech a step further with "Research and Development." Coming in DCUO's eighth update, players level 10 and up will be able to hunt down Exobytes and smaller components known as Exobits scattered around the game's main cities. The color-coordinated currency can then be converted into into equipment mods and consumable items at new Research and Development stations. Some discovered items can even be broken down into Exobytes for re-use. It's like killer super robot Lego money!

...before construction can begin, you must decide what kind of item you wish to create. Equipment Mods can be socketed into gear for powerful benefits, and various Consumables will lend you bonuses for short durations of time. Plans for the creation of either can be found throughout the world or purchased at new Research and Development vendors.

Once you have learned the appropriate plan, collect the necessary components, including Exobytes, and assemble the new item at a Research and Development station. Equipment Mods come in various colors which, when matched with similarly colored sockets on your gear, can provide even further bonuses and power.

Finally, some gear found in the world can now be deconstructed at Research and Development stations to aid in the process. Salvaging these items will return Research and Development components that can be used in other recipes.

Check out images of DC Universe Online's upcoming Research and Development gameplay below.

[Via DCUO]

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