Sony's "DC Universe Online" MMORPG is finally available for special edition PC pre-order and online Beta registration, and the game's official Web site (and Facebook) are celebrating with fresh look at the Joker and his decrepit corner of Gotham, Amusement Mile.

As with past character reveals, Sony's made a variety of Joker media available for fans' consumption. The Clown Prince of Crime cracks a smile on new desktop wallpapers, instant messenger icons and more, while his lair in Gotham is profiled as part of DCUO's ongoing travelogue video series.As far as the special edition goes, the pre-ordered PC game will include a Jim Lee designed Batman statue along with an exclusive "Art of DC Universe" Online book, plus the "DC Universe Online: Legends" #0 comic book by Tony Bedard with art by Oliver Nome, Michael Lopez and Livio Ramondelli.

DCUO won't arrive on the PS3 or PC until November, but the game's habit of monthly updates, along with this Saturday's panel at Comic-Con assure further details regarding its non-playable characters will be circulating soon. Beta testers will know even more before long, making jealous fans of us all.