We knew the heroes and villains of DC Universe Online would be encountering the seven-deadly-sins-inspired spawn of Raven's evil dad in the upcoming "Sons of Trigon" DLC as they allied with either Wonder Woman or Circe in a nightmare version of Gotham City, but what wasn't exactly clear was what these children (or at least their footsoldiers) would look like. Turns out they have their father's eyes.

New images released by DCUO show Trigon's Wrath Imp, Greater Envy Demon, Master of Misery, Greater Lust Demon, Lesser Wrath Demon and Smoldering Wrath offspring. That leaves fans to imagine what different classes of demon soldiers fueled by gluttony, greed, sloth and pride will look like up close, but we're guessing they'll rock four glowing eyeballs too. As far as the Seven Deadly Brothers themselves, perhaps they'll look like they did in the 2008 "Sons of Trigon" story in Titans #4?

As for how these new enemies will fight? DCUO has also uploaded more than an hour of gameplay from the games' Gotham Wastelands, which includes lots of demon battling and cameos from heroic allies like John Constantine.

You can see the new character images, along with "Sons of Trigon" gameplay footage, below.