Magic and mayhem don't seem to be letting up in DC Universe Online anytime soon. Following the recent "Hand of Fate" DLC, DCUO will unpack a similarly magical and altogether spooky seasonal update referred to as "The Witching Hour" as part of its 19th update. Klarion will figure heavily into the seasonal event, with the Witch Boy stealing powers from DC's mystic characters and causing mischief in Gotham City. According to DCUO, the magical menace will take over one of the city's clubs and compel civilians to attend through unwelcome spells, much to the mutual chagrin of those playing as heroes or villains roles. Keeping in the spirit of the Halloween season, the update is also slated bring with it new "ghoulish" costumes, trinkets, a new pet and other goodies. You can take a look at promo images of "The Witching Hour" seasonal event coming to DC Universe Online after the jump.

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