DC Universe Online hits stores today, and naturally, Sony has released a launch trailer to mark the momentous occasion. Since ComicsAlliance had a chance to play the Beta version of the game, however, we've got a leg up on what to expect, and so we've included some videos and photos we took during our time with the game.

We'll have a more thorough review to come once we've played the official version more completely, but for now, enjoy our videos of the hilarious "flirty" mode via character creation, pictures from the Batcave, a first hand video of our first flight high above Metropolis, and the official launch trailer.One of the most entertaining parts of the game is the character creation process, which is so detailed in regards to both the appearance and powers of your character that you can easily sink hours into it, particularly your first time through. If you've ever had very specific ideas about the kind of superhero you'd like to create, it can probably become a reality. Have you always wanted to see a blue-skinned martial arts expert covered in lightning bolts with giant robot wings? DCUO can do that. Ever dreamed of being a giant anthropomorphized cat in a pink ballgown with telekinesis? DCUO can do that.

But even beyond the way your character actually looks, you can customize the way it acts, down to certain attitudes and mannerisms. Our favorite? The Flirty mode, which appears to turn most male characters into cast members from Jersey Shore.

There's also an extensive system involved in expanding your powers through a series of power trees. Here's a quick video exploring the power tree for telekinesis:

At some point or another, almost every comic book fan has been asked the question, "If you could have any superpower, what would you have?" We've only ever had one answer to that question: flight. And so while mental powers and Flash-like speedster powers were also options during character creation, we knew what we had to choose.

The ability to move in almost any direction, including vertically, is particularly fun in a game like DCUO, where players can explore massive sandbox levels of locations like Metropolis and Gotham. And if you can fly, there's almost no limit to where you can go. The very first thing we did when we arrived in Metropolis was the very first thing we always imagined we would do if we acquired the power of flight: rocket straight into the air and look around at how awesome everything is.

Outside of the major Metropolis and Gotham levels, there are going to be a variety of other locations for players to visit, both in the version released today, and in future updates for the game including Area 51, Smallville, and more. Here are photos of a few other places we're looking forward to visiting again:

The Moon
Glenmorgan Square

Also the Batcave

And finally... the launch trailer for DC Universe Online:

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