Last summer's Aquaman vs. Ocean Master-centric "Tides of War" event has returned to DC Universe Online with a few new perks as part of the game's recent 27th update. The storyline will unfold similarly to last summer, with heroes siding with Aquaman and villains siding with Ocean Master in a battle for the throne of Atlantis, although players will have access to a new-for-2013 diving helmet accessory and other Atlantean items. The real meat of DCUO update 27 is its new PvP lair and Shadowlands maps and overall combat improvements.

Previously a dungeon location, the Shadowlands is now a place where players can feel skeeved out by evil. Since it's the same place shadowy characters like Obsidian, the Shade and Culp are said to draw their powers from, it's also safe to assume this is where they go when they get gas and gotta bail for a sec during first dates. Have you seen those guys? They seem like they'd eat a lot of brocoli and drink a lot of soda. Or maybe it's just where they go to fight strangers over the internet one-on-one?The new lair map is less creepy, and gives players and allies a chance to participate in two-on-two battles in a more corporeal realm.

All this fighting and feuding will reportedly be improved, too, as DCUO says it's improved the game's combat mechanics across the board, with "NPCs respecting suppression game effects properly, NPCs' breaking out rules more closely resembling players, and counter immunity improvements." If you're the type of player who generally ignores passive attacks and relies on brute strength, this might not mean much, but passive characters dealing in magic and other combat types will probably appreciate the overhaul.

DC Universe Online update 27 is live now on PC and PlayStation 3.

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