Balanced is the name of the game in DC Universe Online's upcoming ninth update, "Assemble for Battle," which will help heroes and villains of all kinds get more out of the title with the introduction of "Novice Raids," "Role Optional Alerts" and "Team Buff." Novice Raids will provide players with access to easier versions of the Fortress of Solitude, the Batcave and Kahndaq raids, with proportionately fewer rewards. Role Optional Alerts will shorten queue times for forming groups by allowing players to team up with a variety of character classes rather than make them wait for hard-and-fast lineups to come available. The new Team Buff will smooth out these new nontraditional teams, effectively handicapping the game in players' favor without diminishing the challenges they face.Here's some specifics on how Team Buff works from DC Universe Online's announcement:

Now, you may be wondering just what your group of three Damage characters and a Controller is going to do for heals when Doomsday starts beating on you, and the answer is the Team Buff. When grouped in a non-optimal role combination, you'll receive a buff to help make up for what you're lacking, as long you stay together.

-If you don't have a Tank, everyone will take less damage overall. That doesn't mean you're all tanks – you'll have to work together to survive – but you'll have a fighting chance.

-If you don't have a Healer, any Controller or Damage character will trigger a small amount of regeneration when your health dips below a certain point. If you're a Tank, you'll always have some regeneration.

-If you don't have a Controller, everyone will get varying amounts of additional power periodically.

Remember, though, this is a Team Buff. You will need to stay together and work together to take advantage.

Check out preview images from DC Universe Online's upcoming ninth update below: