Ulises Farinas has been a repeat offender here at ComicsAlliance for the crime of blowing our minds with his awesome art, like his Batman Loses fan comic and his massive CA exclusive Where's Waldo-style mural. Now, as the DC Comics reboot news continues rolling out at a breakneck pace, Farinas has returned to reimagine the DC Universe through some fan art in far more dramatic way than anything we'll see in December: the DC Universe, circa the year 1000.

Check out Batman and Robin, the Legion of Doom and the Justice League recast in a rich, medieval universe, as well as the founding document of the ancient JLA and an exclusive look at the backstories Farinas has imagined for these characters.

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Batman and Robin 1000 C.E.

Legion of Doom 1000 C.E.

Justice League 1000 C.E.


The Dark Ages. It has been nearly 300 years since the fall of the Roman Empire, a time of prosperity and the height of ancient culture. The Gods themselves walked amongst men, not as rulers, but as compatriots. But those times are over, and civilization has fractured, plunged into a chasm where greed, war and evil have consumed nearly every soul. It is a time for villains, and so, it has become ever more necessary, to be a time for heroes.

There are those who have prospered, unchallenged for so long, starving the people and scouring the earth. United in one purpose, power, they have operated within the darkness, behind the curtains manipulating wars and kings to do their bidding. A Legion of Doom creeps in the dark, extinguishing hope.

But honorable men and super men have emerged, light-bringers to a shadowed land. It is as if the earth itself cried out, calling unto herself the angels from the stars, and shaping men's minds to new heights. Relics and mythical artifacts are rediscovered, hidden lands emerge from the clouds. In a final plea, the weighted souls of mankind cried out, "JUSTICE!" and the plea was answered. New Gods, New Men, New Women stand forth, unyielding. In the year 1000 C.E, there will be a war unlike which mankind has ever seen. There will be a new kingdom come.

The Justice League Origin Stories

The Super Man, George of Lasia, the Slayer of the Serpent. A man from the stars, like an angel in heart, but a man in temperament. Raised by simple peasants, his strength was soon discovered by the Church, crafting him into their crusade's mighty spear. But he could not bear to see the destruction the war had brought, and turned against his masters, beginning a quest spreading the Lord's true word and doing his works.

King Batman, Gawain the Bruce. Once thought a coward, he lived a comfortable life ruling over his secluded kingdom. Preferring to avoid the ghastly world outside of Gotham, it was his son, Richard the Gray, wise beyond his years, that confronted the soldiers when they marched into their village. Ras Al Ghul, a holy Knight Templar, was merciless when he chopped him down. Gotham was to be a military outpost, and a Church decree could not be disobeyed. Exiled, and starving in a frozen wilderness, Gawain rediscovers an inner strength after surviving a winter in a deep chasm, the bats his salvation.

Robin, a small bird, that accompanies Gawain. Nursed back to health during the long winter, Gawain believes, in his madness, that his son's soul resides within the bird itself. His soul free to fly, inspiring Gawain to fly himself.

The Monk with the Green Lantern, a quiet man from the far east. Only one other from his monastery have traveled this far before, but he alone spreads the peaceful glow of the green light in this region. The other has strayed far from their Guardian's wise teachings. The Monk sees the Yellow Lantern, a sad confused man who believes true peace is in the paralyzing moment of pure fear. When he finds him, the Monk with the Green Lantern hopes he will see the light.

The Flash, Vestra Wallace, once became a thief in order to survive, but soon the thrill itself soon consumed her. She had a knack for finding priceless artifacts, and escaping in the knick of time. It must have been fate, when not she discovered not oly the seven league boots, but the fabled helmet of Mercury himself. A force of speed unparalleled, these granted her powers rivaling a god herself. But fate must have known this, because just as quickly as she gained these fantastic powers, the fates took away the only thing she truly did value. There is only one thing certain in life: the fact that it will end. No amount of speed can travel faster than the cold grip of Death. And so it gripped Vestra's family, who died of exposure when the cold Captain Leonard housed his soldiers on their farm.

Princess Diana of Themyscira, the Woman of Wonders. The fall of the Roman Empire was the fall of the Gods, and the land of the Amazons began to disappear into the clouds. Betrayed by the witch, Circe, she has made a deal with the mortal Allesandro Di Lusso, to siphon the remaining magic of the Themyscira to build his diabolical war machines. Escaping in the last moments, Diana must travel alone and confront Circe, to undo the damage to her island, or the Amazons will become extinct.

Son of Aquarius, Artur Comhraide. Left to die after a brutal battle, Artur was fully prepared to continue fighting in the mighty halls of Valhalla. But it did not come to pass, hidden in the seas, exiles from Themyscira remained, hidden from the surface world. But even in the oceans, they were unsafe, for a terrible black evil had suddenly arrived. Black Manta, a pirate from another time, sought to be King of the Seas, and in exchange for his soul, his wish was granted by Satan himself. But he is King of the Seas 500 years past for him, and his mighty ship has no equal in these waters. Artur, empowered by the ocean itself, is the only man who will prevent the Black Manta from turning the ocean's black as his heart.

Yahya Dhul-Nun, the Man Hunter. He is a man with no past and no family, but still, he loves all as if he was everyone's brother. It is this great love that does not allow him to see wrongdoers go unpunished, and with his mighty powers, will never cease until he has captured and punished his prey. After meeting George in jerusaleum, he finds a kindred spirit, although they are of different faiths. Together, they unite as brothers from different mothers.

Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow of Barnsdale. Waging a one man war against the excesses of the corrupt Sheriff, backed by soldiers of the Legion of Doom itself, he seeks assistance from the mad King Gawain, of nearby Gotham. Together, they wrest control back to the villagers, but the arrival of a disgusting flute player destroys the village's spirit, when all the children are taken in the night, and the Pied Piper's haunting melodies sit in the air, a chilling note. Oliver Queen must make haste, before the children are lost forever, marched into the theatre of war.

Tuomio, the Giant from the North, The Doom Bringer. Captured by Allesandro Di Lusso, during an expedition to Themyscira, Tuomio is an unstoppable fighting machine. Created by the Amazons from the clay of all their fallen soldiers, it is a beast that only knows hate, death, and anger.

Rumplestiltskin, is a troll who claims to be from the 5th Realm, further than Themyscira itself. He delights in the pain of others, and no power seems beyond his capabilities. But what path does a demon follow, and in understanding it, do we become demonic ourselves?

Celina of the Cats, a woman raised alone in the wilds of Africa. Raised by cats, she speaks a language only known to her and felines. A ferocious fighter, she is unknowingly manipulated by Ras Al Ghul in serving him.

The Marvelous Captain, William Son of Watt. He idolized his father, a strong soldier, who fought alongside George of Lasia, the Super Man in the first Crusades. After discovering his father would not becoming home, the young boy blamed the Super Man for not saving his father, and vowed he would seek vengeance. Praying in church, he asked the Lord himself to give him powers enough to destroy George of Lasia, and he was struck dead by lightning. The boy had died, but he awoke in a burned man's form. The Church quickly discovered another miraculous man, and quickly sought to replace their deserted hero with this new marvel. Thirsty with bloodlust, and the rage of a child, he became the perfect pawn for the Legion of Doom's needs.

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