We've known the Merc' with a Mouth was going to make a splash in "Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds" for awhile now (and also had an inkling at which attack would make him shine), but barring my own Photoshoppery, fans hadn't gotten anything beyond a silhouette in terms of an official look at what Deadpool might actually look like in the game.

Gametrailers has soothed that particular Deadpool craving with a new MvC3 vid blending some older and some brand new animated sequences from the game. The most significant addition is none other than Deadpool battle "Devil May Cry's" Dante. Despite the fact that these new animations don't demonstrate literal gameplay, the spirit of the conflict as demonstrated by the two red-clad swordsman should have plenty of fans stoked to eventually play through the conflict.

Check out the Deadpool/Dante action after the jump.

[Via Kotaku]