With seventy-five years of shared universe history spread out over multiple companies and periodical continuity reboots and multiple earths, getting into superhero comics can be a daunting task for anyone uninitiated into the genre. Why on earth do we have to make it so much harder for new fans by making their names so confusingly similar?

With Deadpool set to return to the big screen in 2016, Deadshot being prominently featured in the forthcoming Suicide Squad movie, Deathstroke being a major player on TV's Arrow, and Deathlok recurring on Agents of SHIELD, casual fans are being bombarded with a surfeit of the "[death][noun]" formula. Add to that the fact that most of these guys tote giant guns, swords, full face masks and/or reticles over their eyes, and that's just a recipe for confusion.

But have no fear! Your team of compassionate scholars here at ComicsAlliance would never let a new or casual fan stumble on such an unfortunate barrier to entry. This video is here to lay out all the details necessary to know your pools from your strokes from your shots from your loks.

Show notes:

  • Start with Deadpool here, or jump into his most recent series starting here.
  • Start with Deadshot here, or check out his most recent series here.
  • See Deathstroke's beginnings here, or read his most recent series here.
  • Classic Deathlok here, second Deathlok here, new series here.


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