Weaker first-person shooter video games can confine players to unremarkable corridors and tight environments in the name of economy, but judging from new location concept art and stills, it seems that High Moon Studios is building on the kind of sprawling maps seen in their Transformers games to deliver a suitably massive Marvel Universe for Deadpool to saunter about (and kill enemies) in. The latest location to be revealed is the mutant island nation-turned-disaster zone, Genosha. Stocked with scads of skyscrapers, a business park and a "Battledome" in various states of disrepair, the Sentinel scrap-laden location seems like an ideal place for Deadpool to... fight a really pale Sumo-looking dude and some soldiers using a variety of weapons? It's not exactly clear what the antihero for hire is doing in Genosha or if it has anything to do with the game's recently-revealed Cable, Domino and Death, but we can all ponder the mystery between bites of chimichanga after the cut.

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