Among the many marketing moves that tie into the upcoming blockbuster-to-be "Iron Man 2" is a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Diesel to make -- wait for it -- Iron Man cologne. The limited edition "natural spray" will retail for $67, and is essentially a repackaging of Diesel's "Only the Brave" scent in a container that makes me feel like a pimp Ronald McDonald is about to hit me upside the head with a golden pipe.

The whole concept cannot help but beg the question: What exactly does Tony Stark/Iron Man smell like? In our imagination, l'aroma de Stark involves the scent of crisp hundos, mixed with new car smell, motor oil, and Axe body spray. Which is to say masculine and slightly industrial, with just a splash of douchebag.The original fragrance has been described as "leathery" and "woody" (tee hee) and the Diesel website calls it "a voluptuous and explosive cocktail that bears witness to a man with an identity as strong as it is present, almost magnetic," which sounds pretty much like what I just said. Look for it on shelves in April!

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