Even though there's already plenty of new original comics content rolling out of places like Boom! Studios and Kingdom Comics, Disney's old school comic strips are finding new life on mobile electronic devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPod touch, along with Sony's PSP in a new digital initiative, "Disney DigiComics."

According to ICv2, the service has already launched in Italy (a nation that loves Mickey Mouse so much, they kept him in publication even under Fascism), with the UK and the United States soon to follow in the coming year.

While its initial offerings seem relatively meager all things considered, Disney DigiComics' initial launch of 50 downloadable comics will expand exponentially in 2010, meaning plenty of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and company for those keen on mobile comics intake.

Content will reportedly expand at a rate of 5-10 new strips every week, and contain a mix of reformatted strips from ages gone by and original content created specifically for the new mobile applications.

A few titles that readers can get into now include a few Boom! Studio's offerings such as "Wizards of Mickey."

Of course, the obvious angle every fan is curious about remains Disney's intentions for Marvel content. Since the shape of things to come won't be revealed until at least December 31, we'll just have to keep you posted.

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