In honor of Sunday's premiere of the new season of Matthew Weiner's Mad Men, Newsweek worked with its advertisers to create a handsome series of ads in the retro style of the hugely acclaimed AMC series. Among them is a comic book-themed piece commissioned by paper manufacturer Domtar that seeks to encourage the use of paper for entertainment delivery, saying that reading words on paper (as opposed to a screen) is 30% faster and that you'll retain more information.

The ad comes at an interesting time, when the comic book industry is engrossed in an ongoing, multidimensional discussion about the potential benefits of extricating the medium from the printed page. It's also particularly interesting to see print comics viewed so overtly through the lens of nostalgia, an emotion that is often attributed to comics fans, retailers and creators who are reluctant to embrace digital comics, or even outraged by those who dare to promote them.

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