"Mad Men" is a show about feelings, and if you know that sensation you get on April Fools' Day when you visit a legitimate news website only to finish a story and realize is was all a scam, you may have experienced the same thing when you encountered this fake vintage comic strip called "Those Madison Avenue Men!" and read through the intro graph too quickly.

Meant to pass for the comic that originally inspired "Mad Men" from the early 1960s, the strips were instead put together by Bruce Handy and Frank Thorne (who incidentally did not create "Heathcliff") for Vanity Fair. Under the guise of a failed tale that ran for "a mere 43 weeks before being canceled," the "only surviving examples of 'Those Madison Avenue Men!'" are actually just a tribute to Season 4, which kicks off on AMC this Sunday, July 25.The strips are a glance back at what might have been, however. It's too bad they didn't decide to throw in a lawnmower reference or bring in Conrad Hilton, but for followers of "Mad Men," they should be a pleasant reminder that show is coming back.

[Via Robot 6]

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