We've already mentioned Mike Allred and his new project today, but it'd be mad of us not to post about something as awesome as this mash-up of AMC's sexy '60s drama "Mad Men" and Allred's signature comics character Madman.

Illustrated by comic artist Andre Szymanowicz, the drawing captures "Mad Men" ad man Don Draper, fused with Frank Einstein a.k.a. Madman.

So what would this "Mad Man" read like? This is purely speculation, but playing on the secretive themes of advertising firm Sterling Cooper's creative director, the fanfic would probably involve a resurrected and renamed Draper tackling ad campaigns while pondering the mysteries of the universe (and demonstrating some serious yo-yo skills).

Of course, Szymanowicz's own musings make the most sense:

"I just started watching AMC's Madmen. Not to be confused with Mike Allred's Madmen. But now I bet you might be confused."

I admit, the fanfic possibilities of this amalgam are blowing my mind, so yes, I'm going to go lie down for a spell.

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