Every month Monkeybrain's Chris Roberson teams with artist Dennis Culver to simultaneously tell original stories and pay homage to some of their favorite comic book concepts in Edison Rex, the ongoing digital-first series that follows the adventures of a genius supercriminal who is vindicated and changes his ways once he proves his world's supposed greatest protector was the bigger bad guy all along. Last month, for example, saw the book's cast shuffled through a multiverse of comic book eras as vividly conveyed by Culver's shifting aesthetics and illustration styles. Today in Edison Rex #10 as Rex furthers his efforts to gain the public's trust as a hero, he faces some backlash from his former peers in the supervillain group known as The Warmongers - each of which are designed to pay homage to some of the most iconic villains in comics and beyond. Monkeybrain and Culver have provided CA with a preview of the issue, plus an extensive first-look at Culver's Warmongers character designs. Click through for all the evil goodness.

"This issue we introduce The Warmongers, a group Edison Rex formed in response to Valiant forming the Peacemakers," Culver told CA. "Since 'Rex' is a digital comic about analogues I took my inspiration for the Warmongers from the Legion of Doom. Some are more obvious than others while some just take visual cues and diverge from there. If you're familiar with previous issues of our book you find some natural archfoes here of heroes we've already introduced."

With so many characters to create for the issue, Roberson and Culver had a lot to balance, but when it came time to collaborate, the duo was ready to share in the work.

"We had a tough time breaking the story for this issue as it was going to focus more on Rex's assistants coming to rescue Rex. But the idea of villains putting him on trial had more appeal," said Culver. "I think I suggested that they be analogues of the Legion of Doom. Then together Chris and I came up with a list of names and I went off and did up the designs. It added a lot more work to the issue but I think it was worth it."
As far as Culver's favorite villain design for the issue goes, however, it's actually an original he'd had on his mind for awhile. "My favorite design out of all 13 will always be Cerebella who I designed a long time ago," said Culver. "Out of the 10 new designs we added this issue I would have to go with the Hillbilly Frankenstein or maybe the Interlocker. I love them all!"
You can see all of The Warmongers character designs, plus a preview of Edison Rex #10 below.




Commodore Geosaur 

Count Sudoku

Dead Bolt


Edison Rex

Hail Hound

Hillbilly Frankenstein



Sock Puppet


Six-Page Edison Rex #10 Preview