Atomic mushroom cloudIt's the end of the week explosion! Let's check in with our friend and the angriest fan on the planet, Seacord...

Q: How was your Memorial Day? In the spirit of our holiday post, what's your favorite war comic of all time? Mine is
The War mini-series where they killed all of the New Universe characters and that baby destroyed all the weapons on Earth while it was still in the womb. I used to eat a lot of cold medicine though...

Cover to The Punisher: The End #1Memorial Day was completely uneventful. Though I gotta say, big fan of the scenery at the pool of my apt. complex. I see why they are called "soccer moms" cause they are kickin'! So my favorite war comic of all time? I don't know if I'd say all time, but the one that keeps coming to my mind --you can call it a "war" comic because it does take place during basically a nuclear war-- would be Ennis' The End with the Punisher. With total disregard for self-preservation, all the Punisher cares about is laying waste to some criminals before the inevitable radiation poisoning. I also like the focus on one character rather than the dwelling on the reason behind the endgame of global disaster.

Q: So the official announcement finally came out that there is only one more season (22 eps) of Battlestar Galactica left. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, when it was good it was one of the best shows of the last decade. But on the other hand, when it was bad (like the season finale this year) it was double punishing to watch because not only did it suck, but it was ruining something that was awesome. This isn't really a question...thoughts?

Battlestar Galactica logoMan, I LOVED this show when it first came out. Then after season 3 it got really political and just all out weird. The increasing prominence of the gods versus the monotheistic deity of the Cylons is just too much. I mean it feels like the Matrix to a degree. First movie, incredible, two and three just dilute the first one and leave you wondering where it just went off the tracks. This isn't even a case of jumping the shark, it's more like "what the hell are they doing?" I feel like they are cheating the fans and pulling the ultimate screwjob of writing ... the one in which Starbuck or Apollo wake up in a cold sweat and say "Wow, what a crazy dream!" as they look to their Cylon butler and the screen fades to black. This is just a great show that is really turning to crap in my eyes. Guess they have 22 episodes to either resurrect the original great ideas or bury this for good.

Q: This week also featured the announcement that we'll be seeing a Teen Titans movie at some point soon. As all of these DC franchises get going, give me the top three DC properties that you'd like to see as movies.

Aside from Batman Begins (and Superman II) I am wary of anything DC puts on the big screen. They are pretty much all-out disasters. IF it can be done right these are the ones I'd like to see:

1. The Huntress – If DC can learn from the mistakes of the Punisher and Elektra movie I think this would make a great story to put on screen. No need for outlandish villains, aliens, etc. Down to earth old school violence. Again, shoot for an R rating here. I'm thinking Jessica Biel in the Huntress costume and box office records are shattered.

Harley Quinn action figure2. Harley Quinn – OK I'm biased cause I love this character, and I know that the comic wasn't a smashing success, but hear me out. If it were filmed from the point of view of Harley – giving the real world a cartoonish slant and at the same time shot from a "normal" perspective giving the audience the feel of the actual impact of her actions on the world...I could see this being a good opportunity at dark comedy and a decent psycho thriller in the same category with American Psycho. Maybe a stretch, but with good writing I see it as a possibility.

3. Books of Magic – if Harry Potter does so well in the theaters maybe another movie about kids and magic will do well. Look how well Eragon did...oh wait.

Q: I almost forgot! We saw the new Star Wars cartoon trailer this week. What did you think? And don't give me any of this wack stuff about how your childhood has been destroyed by everything after the first half of Return of the Jedi. Your childhood was destroyed by that pack of dogs at camp that year. So quit your bitching and give me the honest truth about this cartoon.

I'm a little dramatic when I say it destroyed my childhood but the prequels left a lot to be desired. An argument for another time. I'm really stoked for the cartoon. As always I'm a sucker for anything Star Wars. The Clone Wars cartoon was beyond incredible. I'm going into this with a little lower expectations so I can be that much more impressed when they exceed them. It'll be worth watching, though due to costs and what not I wonder how long it can realistically stay on the air. Though I guess with all the merchandise this will spawn it may go on for decades. Why hasn't Lucas bought a state yet with all that money?

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