Eric Canete doesn't always draw Marvel characters - we've seen him draw Samus Aran of "Metroid" fame before. He's been on a roll recently with sketched and commissioned faces out of the Marvel Universe like Cyclops and Phoenix, Daredevil and Wolverine, and the almighty Galactus. He particularly went to town on a sheet's worth of Marvel Masterpiece sketch cards, and if you have a favorite character from Earth-616, it's entirely likely that he's included them in the mix.
The artist, who has contributed to "Justice League Unlimited," "Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin" and "Aeon Flux" shares generously over on his blog at In those posts you'll seem him detail the mutant genes out of some X-Men and do the same for their guns, which occasionally get more intricate than their holders.

Canete's style brings in some flowing allowances for proportion in the vein as Chris Bachalo's work, but he really sets himself apart with his poses and technical eye for firearms. Feast your eyes on them below.