Back when I was an impressionable teen, I used to watch a ton of Anime Music Videos. I assume they're still around (especially now that you don't have to spend all night downloading them on Usenet), but on the off chance that you're not familiar, the idea was that people would edit together scenes from anime to one of the popular tunes of the day. My personal favorite was one for LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out," if only because the line "Kinda like Shaft, so you could say I'm Shaftin'" was accompanied by a clip from Shaft in the middle of a bunch of anime.

Anyway, I haven't watched any in a long while, but it's nice to see that, at least in one case, the art form has evolved in new and terrifying ways. Witness young Evan McIsaac, lip synching Estelle and Janelle Monae's "Do My Thing" while wearing construction paper costumes of all of Sailor Moon's Sailor Scouts. All of them. At the same time. It is glorious.

McIsaac originally uploaded this video last year, and since I haven't seen it before, I'm guessing that someone fell down on the job of including his surprisingly detailed costumes in our weekly Best Cosplay Ever feature. That Sailor Mercury hair deserves some kind of award all on its own. Wait, is "award" the word I'm thinking of? Maybe... "sanction?" It's hard to tell.

The video appears to be McIsaac's only foray into the world of pop music, but it is most certainly onto the only video in which he dresses up as one of the senshi. In addition to a long-running series of episode reviews, he has also recreated all of the Sailor Scouts' transformation sequences. They are... certainly interesting.

Seriously though: You have no idea how excited I am to be living in a time where this is a thing that a) exists, and b) can be viewed by total strangers from the comfort of their living rooms. Truly, we live in the strangest of all possible worlds.

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