From the earliest days of farmers searing their livestock's flesh, branding has played an important role in establishing identities and mutating nouns into...proper friggin' nouns. So while the full extent of branding's impact on a capitalistic society is largely debatable, but there's no arguing that it hasn't crept its way into our casual consciousness and integrated itself into the way we communicate on a daily basis. That's the real beauty of Graham Annable's "Commercial Success," a 4-page chapter from April 27's "The Book of Grickle" from Dark Horse Comics.

Dark Horse has hooked us up with this complete short story, which features Annable's signature animated style bolstered by an atypical word balloon-filling method. The social commentary is deft without any kind of negativity and makes readers consider the influence of commercialism on their lives without instilling paranoia.


Give the short story a read after the jump and see how it relates to your own considerations of mainstream commercialism.