Fans upset by DC Comics' decision to relaunch its entire line of superhero comics with altered costumes and stories assembled on Saturday to "Walk to protest against the new awful designs" at the San Diego Comic-Con International. Organized via Facebook by Laura Hornack, the protest began at 2 p.m. and lasted less than 20 minutes.Of the 498 Facebook users who RSVP'd to the event, only about a dozen cosplayers -- most dressed as Harley Quinn and the Joker -- showed up.

Update: We now have video of the mostly non-event, hosted by Senior Writer Chris Sims below.

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Hornack's initial event writeup encouraged fans who were baffled and angry about the relaunch to participate out of displeasure, but was later modified to emphasize that she wanted the protest to be a lighthearted affair with no "super-serious grumpy demonstration stuff." It would seem her wishes were respected.

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