We're big proponents of all manner of fan art here at ComicsAlliance, but as noted by Robot 6, Adam Trosper's video game based on Rick Remender and Tony Moore's "Fear Agent" goes beyond the call of duty by bringing the sci-fi action to life in 3-D.

Created by Trosper and a team of fellow students (including Josh Tuftee, Mike Russano, Brad Benson and Andrew Dutton) at the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg, the video showcases what a game modeled after the opening scene from "Fear Agent" #1 would play like. The results were impressive enough for Moore himself to link to on Facebook.

Trosper sums up his role in the creation of the game at his Vimeo page:

My part in this project was that I was the Team Lead. I also modeled the entire inside of the cockpit, the rocket ship (Annie), the space station, and Heath's weapon, as well as some odds and ends. On top of that, I was in charge of almost everything related to making the game with UDK. I created all of the particle effects, all of the complex materials shaders (including the 'Ink Outline' post-process effect), all the kismet-scripted sequences, and I also programmed all of the code for the game.

Take the in-game demo footage for a video spin after the jump.

[Via Robot6]