In March, ComiXology had a buy one, get one free sale on Marvel titles, where you could literally buy any of the Marvel issues in their store. This morning they announced that, during that sale, seven out of the top ten comics sold were books with female heroes. Titles that did well include ThorSilk, and Ms. Marvel. In fact, the only titles on the list that weren't led by a female hero were three Star Wars titles - Star Wars #1 and #2 and Darth Vader #1. The top ten list was pulled from thousands of comics sold during the sale.

The rankings were as follows:

  1. Silk #1
  2. Star Wars #2
  3. Darth Vader #1
  4. Star Wars #1
  5. Ms. Marvel #12
  6. Ms. Marvel #11
  7. Ms. Marvel #10
  8. Thor #5
  9. Ms. Marvel #9
  10. Thor #4

Unfortunately, print sales rankings for March are not yet available from Diamond, as it will be quite interesting to compare and contrast the results. It's unlikely that the Diamond rankings will perfectly match these rankings for a lot of reasons, including that many of these issues have been out for a few months.  There are some matches, however, such as Silk #1 being #9 on Diamond's sales lists in February and #1 on this list. Thor #5, Darth Vader #1, and Star Wars #2 all showed up in the top 15 of Diamond's February list.

It's long been theorized that digital comics could hold particular appeal to women, and while there is no data on the gender of the people who purchased these comics, these are some of the super hero books that are currently most popular with women. They're also books that have got a lot of buzz and media coverage, which raises their profile with readers.

Regardless of who purchased the comics and propelled them into the top 10, the chart offers a good sample of how solid Marvel's presentation of female heroes has been lately.

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