Given the number of Hulk incarnations that have existed over the years, from mindless smashing machine to peacemaking king to mindless smashing machine again, it was only a matter of time before The Strongest One There Is took his anti-establishment leanings and joined up with one political movement or another. Now, thanks to yet another parody Twitter account, it looks like he's joined the fight for women's rights.

Feminist Hulk is attempting to smash the patriarchy, one tweet at a time.

The tweets are eclectic, and sometimes the tone is uneven, but it's The Hulk. An uneven tone is pretty much what he's about. Besides, Feminist Hulk isn't constrained by syntax.

It looks like Hulk is about action as well as works, since there are tweets about baking for feminist potlucks, and of course the slam poetry. It sounds very retro, but it's clear that Feminist Hulk is extremely third wave.

Yeah, it's a new take on Hulk, and Hulk frolicking in the sunshine and dancing to PJ Harvey and talking about the cockles of his 'delicate Hulk heart,' might be a little incongruous, but then there's this:

There's no way that that wouldn't have made both Hulk movies a whole lot more entertaining.

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