Michael Cera is rocking out Sex Bob-omb style in the very first "Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World" poster, which debuted last night at ShoWest 2010 and online at Comingsoon.

While the poster focuses on Scott Pilgrim actor Michael Cera and his bass visually, it seems to have retained creator Bryan Lee O'Malley's trademark sense of humor with a tag line reading "An Epic of Epic Epicness." Judging from the praise O'Malley and other early viewers have heaped upon the film thus far, we are pretty overwhelmingly optimistic that the film could live up that wonderfully redundant description.

Fans will likely have plenty more SP promotional material to look at over the coming months as the film's August 13 release date continues its rapid approach, but my mind is already racing with standee possibilities and corresponding plans to steal them from theaters for the purpose of furnishing my living room.

Did I say steal? I meant politely obtain through the appropriate legal channels...epically.

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