Whenever I'm asked about my favorite webcomics, one that always springs to mind is Gardner Linn and Chris Thorn's Registered Weapon. With artists Dave Lentz and Rob Simmons, Registered Weapon tells the story of loose cannon homicide detective Frank Gorman -- a man who once interrogated a suspect by threatening to eat a cat -- and his new partner, a robot that had turned to crime-fighting after giving up his previous existence as a cash register.

The comic has been on hiatus since Lentz's departure after the fifth story arc, but this week, the series returns with the art of Will Harris! It's a special 11-page story called "President's Day," in which Frank and Felix do their best to uphold a family tradition by meeting the President -- and you can read the entire story right here at ComicsAlliance! Check it out in full after the cut!

For more brutal murders, hard-hitting crime, lovestruck cash machines and one talking camel, check out the Registered Weapon website, and be there in two weeks when one of my favorites returns!

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