I'll save you the trouble of having to read an introductory line like, "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if a million wallets suddenly cried out in terror." Ha, no I won't. You just read it. Boom. Roasted. That's how you Star Wars. Okay, now we can get real after I got that out of my system. It's hard not to go for the easy joke sometimes.

Teased during San Diego Comic-Con, Funko officially unveiled its new Star Wars subscription box service today. Dubbed Smuggler's Bounty, the service will work just like the Marvel Collector Corps subscription already offered starting earlier this year. Rather than loaning out its highly lucrative brand to other subscriptions, Funko will be dropping exclusive Pop and Mystery Minis, as well as t-shirts, into its own proprietary boxes. Every two months, you'll get a new box of stuff based on a particular theme (in this case from the Star Wars universe) for $25, and then the cycle begins again.

The first box in the series will arrive in November, and will be based on a little known movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now, there have already been about a dozen different Funko Pop figures released from the upcoming film, but this first box will include two Pops that have never been seen before, and will never be available anywhere else (except eBay).

Now with the Marvel boxes, it's been relatively easy to guess at what some of the other inclusions would be. Every box has come with a variant comic, pin and patch to this point, with the actual Funko goods varying month-to-month. With Star Wars, including comics would seem to make sense given the Marvel connection, but the door is wide open with what will actually be included with each subscription box. Outside of the Pop and t-shirt, anything goes, and it will be interesting to see what else Funko sticks in there to give the box its estimated $50 value. Fingers crossed for some of those lightsaber chopsticks.

You can sign up now through the official Smuggler's Bounty site. A single box costs $25, with a year subscription running you $150, which also includes a special collectible on the yearly anniversary of your signing up.

Now we just have to wait for the eventual DC subscription box (which is coming in 2016, BTW), and Funko will have its hands in three of the biggest geek pies on the planet.


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