Ever wanted to just rip open every single blind packaged figure in a box? We sure have. This week, our desire reached critical mass, and we splurged on box of Funko's Avengers: Age of Ultron Mystery Minis to see if we could get the whole set.

Mystery Minis are Funko's version of blind box collectible vinyl figures. Typically, there are varying degrees of rarity for each and every character in the set. Most of the common figures are inserted at a ratio of 1:12 (one in every 12 boxes), while harder to find figures in the wave could be 1:24, 1:36 or even 1:72. Fortunately, all of the Age of Ultron figures come at a 1:12 ratio, which means by buying one whole box we should (in theory) be able to get the whole set in one shot.

Every major player in the film gets at least one figure, with the exception of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. There are technically three Iron Man figures if you include Hulkbuster, which you can't really leave out, but it would have been nice to get some merch with the Maximoffs. But hey, at least there's a Black Widow among the ranks of her fellow Avengers.

Check out the video above to see whether or not we're successful in our hunt for the entire Avengers roster, and to hear what we think of the miniature figures.

Funko's Mystery Minis can be purchased for around $8 each or about $70 per case at specialty shops or online retailers like BigBadToyStore.


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