Lego statues of superheroes with large heads and small heads can be impressive, but it takes a special kind of genius to build and populate the downtown area of the Futurama city of New New York. Matt De Lanoy did just that, though, and just like the cartoon's journey back into production at Comedy Central, Lego New New York turned into a multi-year effort.

"This layout is the culmination of a work in progress for over two years," De Lanoy wrote at his Flickr account. "I started with the Planet Express and major characters back in February 2008."

His masterpiece features the Planet Express building front and center with disembodied presidential heads, Fry, Leela, Bender and many other familiar faces. The pictures also include copious notes and are well worth your time to appreciate the extra lengths of customization that De Lanoy went to in order to mod existing figures.

If you're still not impressed, check out a few of our favorite highlights after the jump.

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