Future Quest is a comic that gets things done. In the five months that it's been a part of DC's monumentally fascinating Hanna-Barbera relaunch, it's offered a plot that unites virtually all of H-B's classic adventure cartoons in a single story, the debut of a new version of Mightor, a fourth member of the Impossibles, and, perhaps most importantly, Birdman shouting "Birrrrrrrrrdmaaaaaan!" Now, though, we're finally getting something that I've been waiting for since this whole series started.

No, not the dramatic return of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids, but something almost as good. When Future Quest #6 hits shelves next week, Jeff Parker and "Doc" Shaner are finally bringing us... Frankenstein Jr. Check out a preview below!



Okay, since he doesn't appear in the preview and he's actually a little obscure by H-B standards, I should probably explain a bit: Frankenstein Jr., who is not actually the son of anyone or anything named "Frankenstein," is a giant robot crime-fighter who battles evil alongside Buzz Conroy, Boy Scientist. If that's not an exciting premise, then folks, I don't know what is.

Here's the official solicitation:


Writer: Jeff Parker
Art and Cover: Evan “Doc” Shaner
Variant Cover: Dan Parent

Team Quest is dealt a serious blow at the hands of F.E.A.R. just as Omnikron starts rebuilding itself on Earth-out of anything living that comes too close! Inter-Nation’s Deva Sumadi takes charge and splits the group up to go recruit more forces to take on the alien supercreature. It’s time to go on tour with the Impossibles and meet the biggest fighting force in the world, Frankenstein, Jr.!

In Shops: Oct 26, 2016
SRP: $3.99